Our Value

At TWW, we believe that tenure in the business is only a partial measure of one’s effectiveness; we believe what one has accomplished while in business is a better measure. To support that belief, TWW has fine-tuned an internal program for the development of the Landmen who work in our organization.  This program provides our Landmen with a clear career path, specific criteria for advancement, and scheduled evaluations along the way. 

TWW helps our Landmen accomplish their goals by offering quarterly training sessions that provide practical instruction on topics such as preparing runsheets, flowcharting, calculating net revenue, gaining an in-depth understanding of lease forms, etc.  Many of our courses are AAPL-accredited, and are offered exclusively to TWW brokers.

A career pathing program such as this is unique in the land brokerage business, and we’ve found that our Landmen are motivated by the process and take greater ownership of every task they undertake. 

Just as important, our clients appreciate the built-in accountability this program provides and the value they receive as a return on their investment.

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