Hiring TWW

When you hire TWW for a project, we assign a Project Manager to your job.  Our Project Managers have met tenure, educational and accomplishment requirements, have demonstrated a strong work ethic, and have proven their ability to lead by example.  The Project Managers are responsible for leading the crew, making adjustments and recommendations as needed, staying within budget, and communicating with you, the client.  In addition to regular reporting, our Project Managers will provide less formal phone or email updates on an as-needed basis.

Working with the Project Manager is a crew of Landmen, ranging from Assistant Project Managers/Team Leads to Associate Brokers to Apprentices to Entry Level Associates.  The mix and number on the crew are tailored to your specific project and timeline.

To inquire about hiring TWW for a specific job, or for information in general, please call Ted Walters at 903-534-3890 or submit a contact form.

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