At Ted W. Walters & Associates, we stress quality over quantity in our hiring practices.  Our Landmen are selected carefully, and then given the tools and resources necessary to succeed.  From there, we work as hard for you as we expect you to work for us. 

A major part of our effort is Business Development, which is the primary role played by our founder, Ted Walters.  Throughout the years, Ted has made the conscious effort to develop strong working relationships with a variety of clients representing a wide array of needs.  These relationships assure our Landmen a consistent workload and we are able to size our crews to fit our client’s needs.

Our infrastructure supports our expectations: 

  • Our Project Managers and Team Leads are the front line of support for our Associates
  • Jeremy Wheat, our Chief of Operations is a second line of support for daily issues, and
  • We offer specific criteria for landman advancement and evaluation opportunities with management

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