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Ted W. Walters & Associates is a full-service professional land services organization offering contract land services throughout the US. Since our inception in 1992, TWW has evolved from a crew of two Landmen serving the East Texas area to over 200 strong serving the entire State of Texas plus over a dozen additional states across the US. Our expansion has involved more than just adding people; we have built an organization that enables personal and professional development. Because we strictly adhere to the tenets of our mission statement, many of our clients rely on us as trusted land advisors, using our expertise and knowledge to help plot the direction of their projects.


While our roots are in oil and gas, we strongly support the development of renewable energy resources. At the same time, we pragmatically recognize the need for continued fossil fuel development. After all, the 2015 Annual Energy Outlook published by the US Energy Information Administration projects that by the year 2040, less than 11% of US energy needs will be met by renewable energy sources, and 84% will still be dependent on fossil fuels. So for the near term our focus will primarily remain on oil and gas with an increasing emphasis on the 'fuels of the future'. Many of the skills required for oil and gas development projects are transferrable to developing the 'fuels of the future' and TWW already has a proven track record in many of these areas.

We invite you get to know us better by spending some time on our site. Our solid industry experience and strong professional relationships have earned us the reputation of a premiere land services organization. We take great pride in setting new standards both within our organization and for our clients. One of those standards is the TWW Landman Exchange Program®, created to expose in-house landmen to the nuts and bolts of field landwork, and showing them what it takes to deliver the end product to their office.

Enjoy your visit, and if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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